My artwork is strongly inspired by the wonders of nature. I am touched when I find a small light sparkling on the tip of wet leaves in the morning. When I look up and see birds fly or the spectacular colors of a sunrise or sunset, that is my inspiration.

I capture the immense feeling and depict ideas and images that come from my inner eye. My creative process is not previously planned and most of my work is abstract scenery. I used to make oil on canvas paintings for many years in Japan, then switched to work with water­ based media, such as ink, water color, gouache and acrylic on paper more than ten years ago. I believe these mediums ideally suit my method of expression—beauty in nature. Although water color is difficult to control sometimes, I experiment and improvise with new techniques and materials. Creating art is an exploration into unknown space where I search for my spirituality and identity in the universe.

Mitsuyo Mori will be showcased at the Brick Wall Gallery at Caffe Latte.
The Brick Wall Gallery at Caffe Latte
189 Malcolm X Blvd / Lenox Ave
New York, NY 10026
Between 119 St. and 120 St.
Tel. 212.222.2241

Allicette.Art {{at}} gmail

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