Yukako 2011

Yukako can truly be called a citizen of the world. Born in Hirosaki City, Japan, she has traveled and worked in Amsterdam, Singapore, San Francisco and many part of Japan. In her work Yukako tries to express her experiences of having one foot in the East and one in the West.

Gallery and Studio Magazine has said, “Yukako possess a furiously upbeat energy that can recall Pollack in his “Blue Poles” period. Yukako’s work “leaps off the canvas with barely contained energy”- West Side Art Coalition.
Her artworks have been presented at the United Nations, The Salmagundi Club, German House at United Nation Plaza, the Manhattan Borough President Office, Chase Bank, Ceres Gallery, Affordable Art Fair, Broadway Mall, Grace Institute, The Art Students League of New York, St. Francis College in Brooklyn, The Paris American Academy in Paris, Ueno Museum in Tokyo and others.

Her paintings and drawings are in the collections of The Art Students League of New York Permanent Collection, Grace Institute and many private collections in US, Europe and Japan. A member of The Art Students League of New York, Yukako now resides in NYC.

Artist Statment
My artworks are inspired by my experiences in doing Japanese calligraphy and contain an exaggerated vision of figurative beauty that comes from using a process and materials that bridge classic Japanese and modern Western traditions. My goal in art is to depict an “energetic” truth-in-the-moment and to integrate and honor nature. By using the inherent qualities of traditional materials, I endeavor to produce a cultural resonance within the viewer, whether Western or Asian.

Figurative work
Employing a jazz-like spontaneity in two-stage creation, I first pour water media over hand-made Kozo paper following images suggested by my dreams. The density, texture, and variable absorptive character of this rice paper introduces an element of chance into the creative process. Based on the energy I perceive from the model, I then select a pre-prepared color design and quickly overlay a line drawing using sumi ink and a reed pen with no corrections.

I endeavor to choose unique lines to expresses a range of qualities from fragility to strength, capturing gestures naturally.

Abstract painting
The Acrylic paintings are buoyant, driven by an irrepressible gestural energy. Delicate yet strong, the paintings possess a furiously upbeat energy coming from my inner resources as they are infused with patience, self-discipline, flexibility, and intensity of sensation. When I stand in front of a canvas, I am inspired and well up with new excitement within myself. I keep expressing a feeling of joy and the sensation of the beauty of creation.

The jazz-like energy and lyrical color or Yukako’s current paintings reflect intense concentration and rigor internalized by years of practicing Japanese calligraphy both in Japan and abroad.

Visit Yukako’s website

All work is for sale

Please contact Allicette Torres at allicette.art [at] gmail

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