The National Portrait Gallery, both in London and Washington D.C. are my favorite places to visit. Both what and how painters capture their subjects have always fascinated me. Modern British portrait painters such as Tom Wood, Clive Smith and most particularly Tai Schierenberg inspire me. I also marvel at the American “ashcan” painters. I want to thank my friend and teacher Ismael Checo for his generosity and guidance over the many years we have worked together.

In these paintings at the Gallery, I try to capture the beauty and character of people and objects by pushing and emphasizing color and shape hopefully creating a pleasing yet vibrant image.

Jim Oher, a new Harlem resident, is an artist, psychoanalyst, author, business coach, college professor/consultant, psychotherapist and workplace interventionist. His artwork has been featured at prominent restaurants in Westchester, the NoHo Business Improvement Art Show and the Harlem Art Walking Tour.

He has studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, Grand Central Academy, National Academy of Art, Arts Students League, New York Academy Institute, Studio Incamminati, and the Rye Arts Center, where he served on the Board for many years. His work has work awards from the Chicago Public School system and the Rye Arts Center.  He is a member of the Arts Students League and Art Harlem.

On display until January 8th 2013

Inquiries email: allicette@gmail.com

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