I have been taking photographs for more than 35 years, I enjoy shooting my travels and children.  I have had the opportunity to travel far and near .

The photograph I have selected for the 2012 HAWT has a special meaning for me and many African Americans that have had the chance to visit Maison des Esclaves on Gore Island in Dakar, Senegal.

This is the door of no return, where Women, Men and Children were transported against their will through the middle passage, into the new world and enslaved for generations.

Debora Clark Fairfax is a Harlem, NY resident of more than 30 years.  I am married to an incredible musician, writer and composer,  Richard F. Fairfax, mother of Jesse Richard Fairfax, Ishmael Jeremiah Clark Fairfax and Isiah Anthony Clark Fairfax.

I am a retired NYC Teacher of Special Education.  Presently I am an NYC/NYS Early Intervention Special Instructor.

I am a 21 month survivor of Breast Cancer.  (Surgery and Radiation YEAH Me)!

I have travelled to Egypt, Brazil, West and South Africa, Beijing, China and throughout Europe.

I enjoy Photography, going to live concerts as well as cooking and juicing fruit and vegetables.

Inquiries email: allicette@gmail.com

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