Cynthia M. Reed comes from the projects of Lower East Side.  She was for many years a ballet dancer with a day job, retiring from the dancer part when she turned 40.  She always liked taking pictures, and knew that photography would replace dancing as her creative outlet.  She has taken classes in black & white and color film printing, and flash photography, but her learning is most definitely self-directed.For the past three years, she has been a photo-diarist:  never without her camera, faithfully documenting her every day life.

She writes: In 2009, I started a photodiary, and for almost three years I have taken at least one photograph every day.  Being a native New Yorker living in Manhattan, I get to attend exciting events, go memorable places and I see a lot of really cool stuff.

BUT—I love to glamorize everyday objects that we often fail to appreciate.  Here, in an image from my Random Stuff In A Glass series, I present a heaping handful of small, well-scrubbed, grocery-store potatoes—right before I boil and mash them for dinner.

And, yes, they were THAT delicious.

The featured work
Title: Clappin’ Creamers In A Glass
Medium: Digital Print
Size: 20 x 26 inches
Year: 2011

For more art by Cynthia M. Reed visit www.alifeofcyn.com

Inquiries email: allicette@gmail.com


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